Meet Blair

Blair Garner
Discovered by a local radio executive in his hometown of Canyon, Texas, Blair Garner
has been on the 
radio waves since age 17. Working on local radio stations all through
college, Garner quickly climbed the 
ranks as his voice caught the ear of program directors
from many major markets. He quickly found 
himself working for legendary stations in
Washington, D.C., New York City, Houston and Los Angeles.  
It was in the early 1990’s, though,
that Garner found his niche – late-night radio. He found that the 
demand for third-shift disc jockeys
was high across the country and set out to fix that problem. Garner 
planned for two long years
before After MidNite ever hit the airwaves. It quickly became a fast-growing 
syndicated country radio
show with over 100 affiliates picking it up in the first year.  
After waking up America as part of
America’s Morning Show for three years, Blair is back to his niche – 
late-night radio with the Blair
Garner Show.  
Garner credits his drive and success to the unwavering support from his parents
growing up. “Every day 
they would tell me to ‘work hard and be kind,’” says Garner, “and even today,
when I tuck my kids in at
night, I say the same to them. That’s how important I think it is.” With
over 30 years in the business Blair 
has definitely done those two things. As proof, he has been hailed
three times from the Academy of 
Country Music as their “National Radio Personality of the Year.”
He’s also been nominated for the 
prestigious Marconi Award in broadcasting and not to mention the
invaluable adoration of country 
music’s biggest stars. In 2013, he was inducted to the National Radio Hall of Fame.